About Us

Milk and Thistle is a Bangalow based and Sydney produced Australian fashion brand, started by Danielle Atkinson in 2006. Milk and Thistle began as a way for Danielle to explore her printmaking, humbly beginning with individually hand printed singlets to now a combination of both screen and digitally printed production. 

Danielle draws inspiration for the Milk and Thistle prints from the designscape around her.  Milk and Thistle celebrates the marriage of design, print, ceramics and homewares across their ranges. Prints are often done in collaboration with local artists such as Edith Rewa (an illustrator), Trade the Mark (ceramist), and Eloise Short (painter). The respect and appraisal across all design disciplines is what makes Milk and Thistle’s approach to print and fashion not only contemporary but incredibly considered.

Milk and Thistle has always been known for its easy-fit and well constructed garments. Every garment is sampled, cut and made in Australia, within our small but succinct team. Every fit is consulted with Chelsea our pattern maker and sampled across multiple sizes to ensure that the garment is tailored for the most flattering fit. Garments are then cut by Steven or Landy and then made by Linda or Tony. The small production chain at Milk and Thistle allows us to stay in constant communication with each other.

Each collection is made in extremely small quantities. Milk and Thistle only ever recuts a style due to popular demand. After fourteen years of production Milk and Thistle has less than a single rack of garments remaining, a tribute to the quality and design of the product. At Milk and Thistle we take a considered approach to what we produce each season and strive to give our customers a mix of past favourites and new additions.


Feel free to get in contact with us via email or socials or you can see behind the scenes by following our instagram here